Kotranka Budhal

Kotranka at the distance of 40 kms is an attractive tourist spot situated on the right bank of river Ans. During summer this spot affords a great attraction to the nature lovers and tourists. This is a picturesque charming and peaceful spot to retire to in the summer heat. At present Kotranka is a tehsil Headquarter of the biggest Tehsil Budhal. Budhal name is derived from a type of wood available, there which is known for its hardness texture throughout PirPanjal. This is the coldest place of the district Rajouri, which remains under the blanket of snow for more than four-five months. This town serves as base camp for the long and arduous journey to ARNAS and SEDHUE, for trekkers as well as the nomads and their flocks. This spot remain a source of special attraction for those who intend to track though this way to the Kashmir valley. Klhad is another beautiful place near Budhal. It is a small beautiful plateau, the waters there remains cold in summer and hot in winter. Nambal is yet another beautiful place 6 kms. from Budhal and famous for its natural scenery.
Though presently the district is not on the Tourist Map of the State, the district authorities have started exerting themselves to gain that status and for gaining such status efforts are afoot to create infrastructural facilities for the tourists at Chingus, Rajouri, Dera-ki-Gali, etc. The efforts of the Special Commissioner, Rajouri-Poonch, in the matter are commendable as he personally visited the higher reaches of Pir Panjal and got prepared a video film on the lakes and meadows of that area. This film is so beautiful that it was twice telecasted by Door-Darshan.

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It is 240 Kms from Jammu.