Trekking has come a long way since the days it meant a tedious journey on foot or grueling hours of travel by ox-cart. Trekking satisfies one of man’s basic impulses the urge to travel forth and seek adventure. An urge that can be satisfied by young and old alike. A trekking is comparatively undemanding requiring only stamina for walking long hours and mental ability to adopt to a changing environment.
Trekking truly shows the fundamental truth that man needs very little to lead a full and joyous life. Most treks traverse are uninhabited areas where modern amenities and huts not available. The trekker learns to prune his needs to the bare necessities of life and discovers that it all fits into a mere rucksack.
Rajouri town is situated at the foothills of Pir Panjal Range. The snow-clad Pir Panjal Range has its own attraction. In fact it stands out more prominent than the Himalayas as it is nearer to the plains and its majestic slopes are awe-inspiring. The crest of Pir Panjal is covered with snow and there are several climbed and virgin peaks between 15290 ft. to 16000 ft. like Dhakyar-15290 ft. Kotoria-15000 ft., Budhal Pir-15170 feet., Brahma-15400 ft., Tatakuti-15557 ft. Sun set-15510 ft. Kagha Alana and Handoo Peak near Chamcchi Sar lake calling for the mountaineer’s attention.
There are bewitching lakes like Simar Sar, Kotoria Sar, DhakyarSar, Bhag Sar, Neel Sar, Nandan Sar, Chandan Sar,and many others at an altitude of 13000 ft. to 14500 ft. and almost surrounded by towering snowy peaks.
There exist more than twelve passes on the Pir Panjal Range between the Rajouri-Poonch Valleys and the Kashmir. Valley. These are Galli Medhan pass, Jamina pass, Noor PurGalli, Chor Galli, Choti Galli, PirGalli, Handoo Pass, Ruperi Pass, Budhal Pir Pass and Pir Panjalnear Konsarnag lake (between 11500 ft. to 15000 ft.) which one can cross from one side to the other.
The trails over these passes also provide great opportunities to watch and study the different tribes living in the lower valley,and on higher slopes of the Pir Panjal Range one can see the Bakerwal, Gujjar and Hindu Gaddi with their buffaloes and flocks of sheep.
This whole region has remained almost untouched by out sides and offers opportunities to trek on saw and unspoilt trails of the Northern Himalayas. All the trails have certain common characteristics. The passes remain covered with snow during winter and the snow starts melting in April or May. The passes are open from the first week of October and the Gujjar and Bakerwal shepherds start moving up along with their sheep.
Ascent on a pass is always very steep and over the snow in the month of June, the snow is deep and slippery and the approach is harder. It is easier to cross in the post-monsoon period.


Base: Rajouri

Rajouri – Kandi – Kesri Hill – Kenaki Water Fall – Dada nar – Talyani – Talyani Galli – Marguri – Bela – Simar Sar Lake – BelaTop – Dhakyar Peak – Rupri Galli Pass.
Rajouri – Thannamandi – Dehra Kee Gaali – Girjan – Panjtari – Khuha Gum Sar – Nandan Pass – Nandan Sar Lake and 6 Other Lakes – Jaldi – Aliabad – Hirpur – Srinagar.

Base: Darhal

Darhal – Kanda -Shaker Marg – Cha Sari – Dood Wali – Chamber – Chamchi Sar Lake – Handoo Pass – Bhagh Sar – Sarota Valley of Flower – Neel Sar – Panjtari – Girjin – Noori Chamb – BheramGalla – and Back to Rajouri.

Base: Budhal

Budhal – Saveri Marg – Khodra – Simar Sar Lake – Bella – Kotoria Sar Lake – Dhakyar Peak

Base: Rajouri

Rajouri – Budhal – Sar sot – Reta Wali – Harshou – Goray wan – Parhi Wali Marg – Konsar nag lake – Mahinag – Kungwattan – Aharbal (water fall) – Srinagar.

Base: Thannamandi

Thannamandi – Noori Chanbv – Chandi Marh – Poshina – Bagla – pir Pass – Aliabad – Mirpur – Suphian – Srinagar.
Choti Thannamandi – Chandi Marh – Kabar Pathran – Bagla – Ganga Choti – Choti Marg – Choti Galli Pass – Kundhlan – YousMarg – Srinagar.

Base: Rajouri

Rajouri girjan – Panjtari – Khuya – Sarota – Shaker Marg -RoopriPass Bela – Khodra – Budhal.