tatapani.JPG (7714 bytes)Rajouri district of J&K is famous for hot water springs and the most popular amongst them being the Tatapani. In local parlance Tatapani means warm water and so the spring as well as the village besides it go appropriately by the same name.

The place is situated about 35 KMS. away from the district headquarter of Rajouri towards southeast direction and falls in tehsil Kalakote that is famous for its coalmines. A motorable road connects the place and there is the public transport operating from Rajouri and Kalakote.

There are various versions about the origin of the spring. According to one, the spring originated through the blessings of a Muslim Saint sometime in the ancient past. According to another version, some ancient travelers discovered the place by spotting a big cobra belonging to Lord Shiva at the place where the present spring originates. Whichever legend be true, but the place attracts people from all sects and creeds and they bathe in the spring in their prefect harmonious and secular traditions for which the district has the unstinted reputation. It is also true that almost all visitors attach spiritual significance to the place and this belief got more ground when about a decade back the water of the spring started converting from hot to cold. The story goes that only after the sacrifice of a goat that the water regained the original heat.

The place is surrounded by dense forests and is quite clam and serene. In winter months the number of visitors increase tremendously. The bathing is spring water is believed to cure many bone and joint ailments and skin diseases. The water emanating from the spring appears very hot even close to boiling point. People have to first adjust to water heat by dipping hand and feet first and by and by one is able to withstand water on the body also. The water contains a lot of minerals principally amongst them is phosphorus.

The place is fast emerging as a tourist resort. It has a PWD rest house and a local rest house called Sarai for tourists. For a newcomer, it is the splendid experience of witnessing a great an