NIC (National Informatics Centre) is an  organization set up by the Govt. of India in 1977 to promote informatics culture in the Govt. departments and develop computer based Management Information System (MIS) for decision support at various levels.

Computers today provide accurate, adequate, and timely information and assist the management in monitoring and analysis of plan schemes, programmes and related activities with relatively high efficiency and help in control over expenditure. NIC has been playing a vital role in promoting computer consciousness among the masses and with more than 600 computer centres throughout the country at district headquarter level. It has virtually brought the computer to your doorsteps. It essentially operates as an informatics service oriented organization providing hardware, software and processing facilities to various departments of Govt. of India, State governments and district administration.

Since its birth in 1977 it has passed through a many barriers to fulfill its objectives and has now become a name of National and International repute by scoring a series of successes.

DISNIC:   NIC has launched its DISNIC programme to provide timely, complete and accurate information/ data to the policy/ decision makers for effective planning at various levels of government. It captures data in sectors of importance in respect or infrastructural facilities and development indicators relating to demographic, agro-economic and socio-economic aspects at the root level and transmits the same to state capitals. The relevant decision support information from the districts will thus be readily available with the State Govt. and of course to Centre as well through NICNET.

NICNET: NIC has the honour to introduce you to the world's largest Satellite based Computer communication network known as National Informatics Centre network, generally referred to as NICNET. Commissioned in 1977, NICNET comprises of a satellite over the Indian Ocean, a giant Computer and Mother Earth Station (MES) in Delhi and some 500 Computer terminals with their own antennas in each of the District Headquarters and State secretariats. It is an efficient and reliable means for interchange of information between various NIC Centres.

NICMAIL:  NICMAIL is a special purpose, fully secured electronic mail system made available on NICNET with the Super Computer System as the central node. This configuration allows messages to be transferred between different sites via HUB. Each NICMAIL user is assigned a password-protected mailbox with unique mailing address. NICMAIL asks for the password for important confidential messages and can send mail to any number of nodes simultaneously within very short time.

GISTNIC:   GISTNIC is designed with an objective to make available general information to public about India, Important national and international information, infrastructural and recreational facilities and other static and near static information through query system. The content and scope of information provided on GISTNIC spans a very wide range of potential user's viz. farmers, tourists, students, researchers, Govt. Officials and foreigners.

NIC UNIT AT RAJOURI: District Rajouri has in no way lagged behind the other Districts in making use of computer technology as a decision support system. The NIC Computer Centre at Rajouri was set up in 1989, to introduce and promote the informatics culture and to create the computer awareness among the masses as a whole and government organizations in particular. It provides the facilities of using NICNET, electronic mail and general Information System Terminal. In close cooperation with the district administration the unit has launched many programmes for computerization of different sectors and is conducting short-term training courses on the computer related subjects regularly. The centre has so far carried out the Computerization of Planning Section, Revenue section, Election process, District Court, Various district offices, Payroll at various offices, Village Amenity Directory, Panchayat Databases, District Employees Database, Relief Database, District Phone Directory, Traffic Monitoring System, Tourism Development Plans, School Up gradation Plan, successfully.

 1. ASSEMBLY/PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION  : NIC district centre is providing all types of assistance to District Election Officer during Assembly/Parliamentary elections. List of all polling stations, staff working in District, Transport plan with various details have been computerized. Duties of Presiding/Polling officers, Zonal/Sector Magistrates to be assigned to officers/officials during election are sole responsibility of NIC. Software with randomization technique have been prepared and used for assigning duties.

2. IT SUPPORT TO DISTRICT OFFICES : All kinds of Information Technology support i.e. Consultancy, Hardware/Software problem solution, Trainings, Visits etc. is provided to various Govt. offices of district for smooth/optimal functioning of Computers at their end.

3. TRAININGS : Regular training programmes are being conducted at NIC District Centre Rajouri for Govt. staff at District. Trainings are conducted in MS-Windows, MS-Office, Networking, Internet etc.

4. PAYROLL :  Payroll package has been implemented at 6 offices of District. More offices have been approached for computerization of their pay accounts. 

5. COMMUNITY INFORMATION CENTRES : Community Information Centres are being set up at three blocks of District Rajouri under the supervision of NIC Rajouri. All efforts are made by NIC to complete the project well with in time i.e. Site preparation, Hardware Installation, Appointment of CIC operators, Functioning of CIC Centres etc.

6. VILLAGE AMENITY DIRECTORY: This helps the district administration in providing   timely and accurate information to the concerned for any decision making and planning. It contains information regarding thirty odd parameters of all the villages of the district. The information is of two types viz. general and facilities available. The later information is regarding health facilities, educational facilities, banks, the availability of other government offices etc. of the village.

7. PLAN MONITORING SYSTEM: NIC District Centre Rajouri helps the planning section of the district administration in generating the quarterly and monthly reports regarding the development schemes to depict the progress of the schemes in all the sectors in which they are undertaking the development activities. Reports regarding the financial details, Capital works, Achievements and physical targets are generated as also the sector-wise and scheme-wise financial details.

8. ANNUAL PLAN OF RAJOURI: It involves hundreds and tiring working hours full of fatigue to compile the annual plan of the district. NIC extends support to the office of Chief Planning Officer in generating the annual plan, thus saving a lot of time and thereby increasing the efficiency besides making the big and complex task look so easy.

9. TRAFFIC MONITORING SYSTEM: NIC centre has also computerized the traffic movements of vehicles in the Rajouri district. Data regarding the vehicle particulars is gathered from the various traffic check posts of the district and fed into the computer. The data is processed and weekly/monthly traffic analysis reports are generated.

10. OFFICE AUTOMATION JOBS: NIC Computer Centre at District Rajouri is also engaged in various day-to-day office automation jobs. The centre maintains a large number of important documents and the District administration uses the computing and printing facility to maintain a large no. of documents. Many records are periodically generated as and when required. Word processing facility of the computer is also extended to the District administration in cases where aesthetics and presentation require more weightage.

The installation of high speed FTDMA system has provided Internet access and email.

Some of the projects in the pipeline include the computerization of DRDA, Industries, Treasury and the all-important Revenue sector. These will surely help in the effective and meaningful planning at the district level as also at the state level for district Rajouri.


NIC Staff Members


Sanjay Kumar Puri,


District Informatics Officer.


Muzafar Iqbal Mir,


District Informatics Associate.


Contact Address:

NIC Computer Centre,

D C Office Complex,

Rajouri-185131 J&K.


Email : rajauri(at)nic[dot]in