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Superstitions! Can any one tell or explain the real meaning? Though, the dictionary and encyclopedia gives us the detailed meaning of the word, but it is also included in the list of diseases ad even some say that the disease of superstition is incurable and the people belonging different communities, religion, caste and sex have the full faith in it. We have also the evidence that that people believed superstitions in ancient times. This is also clear from the amulets used by the Harrapan people.

Presently, In India people believe in superstitions, but there are some superstitions that are very common throughout the country and some are different from northern or southern parts of the country. Apart from these some superstition have been developed in a particular area or region. The people belonging to the area of Rajouri have the film faith in the superstitions that are also accepted by the people of other parts of the Jammu region. Many activities of the animals, birds and human beings are considered as the bed omens. At such moments one is not supposed to perform the work being done by him. It is often said that the illiterate persons being ignorant about the real facts believe in it. But  many educated dignitaries, politicians and other officials are also victims of this disease.

If a person incidentally falls ill or having a headache, he used to think that the person or the lady who crossed his way is bad one. She is a wretched or wizard. Then in spite of taking medicine they will perform other type of charm or spell or spell activities in order to get rid from the pain.

Sneezing is having such a powerful dominating current, that, it has halted many a persons from doing important works. It is mostly common in women. Sneezing is very bad on the occasion when an important work is to be started or at the beginning of auspicious occasions, on the other side sneezing is attached with remembrance, because generally when a person sneeze the others will say that some loved or dear one is remembering. A person going somewhere or for his days work, if a cat across the way he will come back and sit a while as to cut the bad effect of the cat crossing. Even, we have seen the drivers who have a lot of faith in this superstition, stop their vehicles for few minutes, until the other not passed from that road or in the alternative they will put out their shoe or chappal and slap the road with it thrice and then move ahead considering that with this act of theirs the bad omen seized. Barking or weeping of dogs, another very common superstition of the locality and is considered as the signal of someone's loss. The cat weeping is also omen and at this time people mostly, throw something on the weeping cats in order to cut the bad omen. The crossing of Cows, oozing of owl are also have the similar feelings and are not considered good when going for a work, preferably, minor girl meet just across the door with a pitcher of water is considered a good sign. To overcome this melody people before leaving the house ask their daughter or some girl to stand in the exit with water in a small pot.

People have calculated the days and months for journey and doing the works. On Thursday they miss their journey towards north and Tuesday, Wednesday are also not good to start the journey towards hills, Tuesday, Thursday are also prohibited for the washing of hair and cloths. Sunday, Wednesday and Friday are considered the best days to console the bereaved families.

The crowing of a crow at the roof top is a signal of some one's coming. If a person is going for an urgent work and is called from behind is a gesture of failure of the mission for which he has to go. While going on the funeral procession of a dead body is considered as a blessing omen and the person in his mind feels that definitely the work will be completed.

Not only this, the superstition related to the faith in ghosts at some selected places has been developed in the minds of the people. People generally hesitate in visiting such places due to the fear of ghosts. Many people play the game of charm and spell diseases to get rid from the disease.

All these are some of the superstitions, which have affected the life of the people of Rajouri. They also perform the havans and other types of religious activities to get rid of the bad omens. One of the most peculiar superstition, they also interpret the dreams and their results.

 In this district, the people of all the communities believe in the superstitions and they cut their work and other type of activities related to important occasions. The Hindus never perform any religious ceremony or start a work and even the purchase of some important articles and cloths during "shradhs" is prohibited.

Though these superstitions prove a great hindrance in bringing up a psychologically healthy society yet their importance in forming a balanced set up can not be ignored as it is necessary for formation of traditions that pave the way for preservation of culture in a particular society. The traditions based on the moral, threats promote a better way to revive the cultural heritage

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