Thannamandi town is situated at 33.33 degree latitude and 74.25 longitudes, on the foot hill of Rattan Peer (8600') along the right bank of Thanna Nallah. This attractive hill spot is about 24 kms. On the North side of Rajouri Town. At present this town is a Tehsil Headquarter. Kashmiri Muslim population is dominating the town. This place is mostly known for Chikhri wood handicrafts.tree_mou_snow.jpg (21434 bytes)

As per the Rajtringni of Juna Raja, which was written during the reign of Sultan Zain-Ul-Abadeen (1400-1470 AD), this place was known as Mudgravyala in the ancient time when this area was ruled by Hindu kings of Rajouri. But Abdul Qasim in Tarikh-e-Frishta and Emperor Jahangir in his Tuzak wrote the name of this place as "Thatta". It appears that with the passage of time, the name changed from Thatta to Thanna.

Thanna remained the place of great importance for traders of Kashmir and rest of India. This place was considered as central place for Kashmiris as well as Punjabi traders, because from here the high mountains of Panchal Range start and it was not possible for Punjabi traders to cross these high altitudes with their loaded horses and camels. On the other hand Kashmiri traders were also unable to sell their handicrafts in the places of Punjab because they were not in a position to accommodate themselves in hot climatic conditions prevailing there. Therefore, the traders and businessmen of both the sides assembled at Thanna for the exchange of their goods and commodities like Kashmari Shawls, loes, wood carving works from one side and salt, tea and gur from the other side. In these circumstances, this small village on the foothills of Rattan Pir  developed as a Mandi (Bazaar) for traders and businessmen of Punjab and Kashmir. Later on the word "Mandi" was also attached with Thanna and the new name emerged as Thannamandi.

At present Thannamandi is emerging as a growth centre and a beautiful town. It is Tehsil Head Quarter. The old Sarai of Mughal's period still exists. But now the security forces to combat militancy in the area have occupied it. Three temples of Dogra's period also exist in old Thanna area in deteriorating conditions. Some Idols of ancient time are also lying in Kali Temple, which has been constructed recently. Apart from the chikhri woodcraft the main importance of this place is due to the renowned shrine 'Shahdara Sharif' which is six kms. from Thanna. A big complex along with educational centres and musafar khanas is under construction at this place. The people from all over country come to this scared place and offer prayers in the shrine. Keeping in view the religious importance due to Shah Dara Sharif and attractive natural scenic beauty of Thannamandi, this part can be developed as tourist resort.