Sub:- Implementation of J&K Public Services Guarantee Act, 2011




Whereas, the J&K Public Services Guarantee Act, 2011 has come into force;


Whereas, undersigned is the Designated Officer in respect of two notified services viz (i)issuance of Permanent Resident

Certificates (PRCs) in respect of Tehsil Rajouri and (ii)Dependent Certificates under SRO:43 of 1994 in respect of Tehsil Rajouri, Darhal,

Thannamandi and Koteranka;


Whereas, the applications for the above mentioned certificates are processed at the level of concerned Tehsildars (also

at the level of Naib Tehsildar Manjakote for PRC files only);


Whereas, both the notified services are required to be provided within a period of 30 days from the date of filing of

applications along with the required documents;


Whereas, the required documents/formalities in Form-2 are annexed herewith (as Annexure-A),


Therefore, following instructions are hereby issued to the concerned Tehsildars for strict compliance so as to implement

the Act in letter and spirit:-


(1). Concerned Tehsildars (including Naib Tehsildar Manjakote for PRC only) are hereby authorized to receive the applications

with necessary documents and to issue the acknowledgement thereof in terms of rule (3) of the J&K Public Services Guarantee Rule,

2011. They shall also cause to display a copy of Form-1 (Notice) on the Notice Board of their office for information of the general public,


(2). They shall mention in the acknowledgement (Form-1) the stipulated time limit of 30 days (excluding the public Holiday)

if the required documents are annexed with the application and the application is complete in all respect, (copy of Form-1 enclosed

as Annexure-B),


(3). In case, all the required documents are not annexed with the application, the missing documents shall be clearly

mentioned in the acknowledgement and stipulated time limit shall not be mentioned that should be mentioned only after the complete

documents are provided,


(4). A copy of the acknowledgement shall be made part of the application/file,














(5). They shall process the application/file and submit to the undersigned within 20 days from the date of filing of the application

for further issuance of the certificate to the applicant,


(6). The dealing assistant of the undersigned shall examine the file and submit for issuance of Certificates within three days of

the receipt of the file from the concerned Tehsildars,

(7). The dealing hand shall also maintain a register in Form-3 (under Rule 6) for proper record of the disposal of the files. He will

also get a copy of notice in Form-2 displayed on the notice board for the information of general public.


(8). Receipt of the order be acknowledged.


Encls: 3 leaves.


No:AC/2011-12/123-28 Shahbaz Ahmed Mirza(KAS)

(Designated Officer)

Dated: 08.10.2011 Assistant Commissioner (Rev)


Copy to the:-


1.     Deputy Commissioner, Rajouri

2.     Additional Deputy Commissioner, Rajouri


3.     District Informatics Officer, NIC, Computer Centre, Rajouri with the request to host this order along with copy of notice in Form-2

on official website of District Rajouri (public domain).


4.     Tehsildar Rajouri, Darhal, Thannamandi, Koteranka for strict compliance

5.     Naib Tehsildar Manjakote for strict compliance


6.     Sadder Qanoongo DC Office Rajouri for maintaining a register in Form-4 in respect of 3 Notified services (Extract of Fard Intkhab,

Jamabandi and Tatima Shajra) for hearing of appeals as Ist Appellate Authority under the Act.





























The Jammu & Kashmir Public Services Guarantee Act & Rule 2011.


Name, Designation and office of Designated Officer

Shahbaz Ahmed Mirza (KAS)

Assistant Commissioner (Revenue), Rajouri




Notified Services

Documents to be annexed with the application

Stipu-lated time limit for the issue

Desig-nation & address of Ist Appellate Authority

Stipu-lated time for disposal of first appeal

Desig-nation and address of 2nd appellate authority


State Subject Certificate (PRC) (in respect of Tehsil Rajouri

01.Affidavit(s) of the applicant(s)

30 days

Deputy Commissioner Rajouri

45 days

Divisional Commissioner Jammu

02.Copy of Bikrami Jamabandi

03.Copy of Record of Rights

04.Copy of current jamabandi

05.Copy of current Girdawari

06.Copy of any other revenue record for missing links

07.Copy of Ration Card

08.Copy of Voter List

09.Copy of voter list of 1951/Grazing permits & notice in news paper for nomads/landless applicants

10.Statement(s) of applicant(s)

11.Statement(s) of father/grand-father, if immovable property in their name.

12.Statements of two witnesses

13.Age proof

14.Report of Tehsildar



15.Requisite fee






Dependent Certificates

(in respect of Tehsil Rajouri, Thanamandi, Darhal and Koteranka)

01. Affidavit of applicant

15 days

Deputy Commissioner Rajouri

45 days

Divisional Commissioner Jammu

02.Affidavit(s) of major family member(s)

03. Copy of revenue record

04. Copy of PRC

05. Death Certificate

06.Non-involvement certificate of SSP (if death is in militancy related incident)

07. Copy of postmortem

08. Copy of FIR

09.Copy of Service book (death in harness)

10.Death in harness Certificate, wherever applicable.

11.Report of Patwari

12.Copy of Ration Card

13.Statements of applicant and other family member(s)

14.Income Certificate

15.Report of Tehsildar





























Name of the person authorized to receive the application

(1).Tehsildar Rajouri (2).Tehsildar Thannamandi

(3).Tehsildar Darhal (4).Tehsildar Koteranka

(5).NT Manjakote (for PRC only)

Time limit for filing Ist appeal

Within thirty days from the date of decision

Time limit for filing 2nd appeal

Within sixty days from the date of decision of Ist Appellate Authority.




Shahbaz Ahmed Mirza (KAS)

(Designated Officer)

Assistant Commissioner (Revenue)