Reservation Certificates

Backward Area Certificate Residents of the areas as are notified by the Govt. vide S.R.O:-126 can obtain these certificates provided that they fulfill the conditions laid down in the said S.R.O. The areas have been notified by the Govt. under S.R.O-126, however, the details for areas including in the said SRO can be had from the concerned Tehsildars for Tehsils and from Deputy Commissioners for the Districts. Vacancies are being been reserved under the said S.R.O for the residents of backward areas.

SOCIALLY / EDUCATIONALLY BACKWARD CLASS / WEAK AND UNDER PRIVILEGED-CLASS (SOCIAL CASTE) CERTIFICATES:-Every person who belongs to any of the following social castes can obtain the certificates form the concerned Tehsildars:-


1. Fisherman including Gade Henz.

2. Markaban whose sole livelihood depends upon Markabani.

3. Villages porters (Kumars)

4. Shaksaz.

5. Shoe repairers (Working without the aid of machines)

6. Bangies, Khakrobes (Sweapers)

7. Barbers (Rural Only)

8. Village washerman.

9. Bhandz.

10. Mirases.

11. Madira/Bizigars.

12. Kulfaquir.

13. Dambalifaquir.

14. Doomb.

15. Shupriwatal.

16. Sansis.

17. Sikiligiris.

18. Jheewars.

19. Grati (Rural only)

20. Teeli (Rural only)

21. Lohars.

22. Turkans.



The following classes have been declared as Schedule Tribe Category.

1. Balti

2. Bedah

3. Bot, Boto

4. Borkpa, Drokpa, Dard, Shin

5. Changpa.

6. Garza.

7. Mon.

8. Pugapa.

9. Gujjar.

10. Bakerwal.

11. Gaddi.

12. Sippi.


These certificates are being issued by the Tehsildar to the persons who belong to  the areas adjoining the Line of Actual Control declared as such vide S.R.O:-394  dated. 05-09-1981 read with notification S.R.O 372 dated. 03007-1982 and S.R.O 271  dated. 22-08-1988 as amended from time to time.

Competent Authority to whom apply:Tehsildar Concerned 

Time Limit: 15 Days

Required Documents/Papers: 

• Application on Prescribed format with affidavit to the effect that applicant is  resident in village continuously from 15 years

• Pedigree table (Shajra Nasb)

 • Extracts of Jamabandi and Girdawari.

• (Current and Fifteen years back) 

• Copy of Chullabandi of 15 years continuous. 

 • Sketch map of house and land under.

• Copy of electoral Roll. (1988 current) 

• Permanent Resident Certificate. 

• School certificates. 

• lncome Certificate


S.T. Certificate 


Required Documents/Papers:

  Application with sporting affidavit. 

• Shajra Nasab with sub caste as mentioned in schedule of constitution of J&K.

 • Permanent resident Certificate.

• Copy of School Certificate.

• Grazing card as supporting evidence.

The person seeking certificates shall apply to the prescribed authority as mentioned  above in the prescribed form. List of areas declared socially and educationally  backward area can be had from Tehsildar of the concerned Tehsil and Deputy  Commissioner of the concerned District. Extracts of Jamabandhi, Gridawari and  Shajra Nasab and copy of Chulabandi can be obtained from the Patwari concerned.  A copy of Electroral roll can be obtained from the election authority/Tehsildar  concerned. The certificates are being issued by the Tehsildars from serial I to IV. In  case of any discrepancies the Concerned Deputy Commissioner can be contacted