Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC)


Competent Authority to whom apply: ACR Rajouri / Concerned SDM/Tehsildar

Time Limit: 30 Days

Required Documents/Papers:

Application with sworn affidavit to the effect that her/his forefathers are residents of  

   state of J & K and are continuously  residing since 1942

Details of Pedigree table (Shajra Nasb)

Abstracts of Record of Rights (Misli Hiqiyat)

Extracts of Chula Bandi

Khaka Dasti of the House with details of law under it

Copy of Electoral Roll. (Current and 2008)

Statements of Applicant/Father & witness preferably Numberdar/Chowkidar has to be

    recorded by verifying officers in the Tehsil.


Alternate documents if not available:


Extract of Chula Bandi

Sketch map of land under & appurtenant to house (Shajra  Khasra)      

PRC of Father or any nearest relative Electoral Roll 1951 1984.

Copy of Shajra Nasab of land where from applicant has migrated.

Change of residence from Tehsildar