Obtaining a New Power Connection


Competent Authority to whom apply: Concerned Xen

Procedure for Obtaining a new connection

The applicant shall apply for new connection in the prescribed format, separately for LT & HT connections, and shall also submit the format for Declaration/Undertaking, at the time of receiving electricity supply.

 Application form must be accompanied with

A photograph of the applicant.

Registration-cum-processing fees of Rs. 1,000/- for HT & EHT connections which shall be adjusted by the Licensee while issuing the demand note.

If the applicant is an individual , any of the following:-

a) Electoral Identity Card;

b) Passport;

c) Driving License;

d) Ration Card;

e) Pan Card

If the applicant is a company, trust, educational institution, government department etc, the application form shall be signed by a competent authority (Head of office; Branch Manager, Principal, Executive Engineer, Govt. Department preferably DDOs etc.) along with a relevant resolution /authority letter of the Institution concerned.

Proof of ownership or occupancy of premises

(a) Copy of sale deed or lease deed or in the case of agricultural connection, a copy of khasra/khatauni/khata nakal

(b) Registered General Power of Attorney;

(c) Municipal tax receipt or demand notice or any other related document

(d) Letter of allotment

(e) An applicant who is an occupier of the premises shall also furnish a No objection certificate from owner of the premises

Proof of the current address, any of the following:

(a) Electoral Identity Card;

(b) Passport;

(c) Driving License

(d) Ration Card;

(e) Statement of running bank account;

(f) Water/Telephone /Electricity / Gas Connection bill

(g) Income tax assessment order;

Partnership deed and an authorization for signing the requisition form and agreement (in case of a partnership firm)

Memorandum and article of Association, Certificate of Incorporation and authorization for signing the requisition form and agreement (in case of Public and /or Private Ltd. Company)

Other Documents:

1.Industrial Consumers:

1.Registration under Companies Act

2.Valid Industrial License/Registration, as applicable;

3.NOC for Pollution Control Board;

4.Consent from Ministry of Commerce GoI, if required.

5.NOC from Municipal Corporation/Committee, if required

2.Agricultural consumers:

1.No objection certificate from competent government authority for tube wells , if required;

3.Non-Domestic Khokhas and Temporary Structure:

1.Non Objection Certificate for Khokha or temporary structure from the SMC/JMC/Town Area/Notified Area/Panchayat/Lan Development Authority/Land Owing Agency.